OMISSION REPUBLIC is from Minnesota. Style of music ranges from Indie, Adult Contemporary. All Original Music with a simple goal to write songs with traditional song structure while infusing various styles of music. Omission Republic arrives with substance, style and a spirit that captures their sound.

Founded by Singer/Songwriter Monaye Love, Jason Jump, Jeremy Streit in Mar. 2016, the Omission Republic band released their first single recording “Good Old Days” in April 2016, shortly after writing, rehearsing, and performing. Their 2nd project, “Reflection” Ep. is one to listen to, (Released in Sept. 2016).

The backbone of their work? Stylistically eclectic songs—suggesting a range of influences from Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, Gary Clark Jr, Grace Potter, and Dave Matthews Band.

The band is currently gigging in and around Minneapolis/St. Paul with hopes touring regionally. You can stay up to date with the group on most social media sites, and find their streaming music all over the web.

Omission Republic’s Signup – https://goo.gl/2hynXM

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O.R Social Media & Info Links:
Official Website – http://www.omissionrepublic.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/omissionrepublic
Twitter – https://twitter.com/omissionrepubli
Hear our music – https://www.reverbnation.com/omissionrepublic
Book us – https://www.reverbnation.com/rpk/omissionrepublic
Shows – https://www.reverbnation.com/omissionrepublic/shows
Signup – https://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/join_mailing_list/artist_5285394
Manager Email – ericdlove@outlook.com
Our Reverbnation Feature: Omission Republic’s Feature the month of Sept – Nov 2016:

Band Members: Monaye Love – Lead Vocals
Ricky Parker – Drums
Jeremy Streit – Bass Guitar
Jason Jump – Guitar

Glad that you’re part of Omission Republic and hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming shows!

The O.R Band
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